Monday, July 7, 2014

Hola, mexico

I hope you all had a happy Independence Day weekend! I'm not the biggest fan of the holiday, but I am a big fan of three day weekends!  We had a fun time seeing family and friends, attending a wedding, and watching the world cup (GO Argentina!!). I was also reminiscing and wishing we were back in Mexico with my Sis.

San Miguel de Allende. Such a gorgeous little town. We were only there for a long weekend, but it was a perfect little getaway!

Although it's not on the ocean, it is close to some hot springs, which we ventured to for an afternoon. La Gruta hot springs were magical. Violet loved them; her first time in the pool! 

Downtown was also really fun. This was in the artisan market. I found a gorgeous Otomi blanket there. 

And Violet with her auntie in the adorable Mexican dress she bought her. 

So many pretty churches!

And a donkey! 

At this fun wedding/party we stumbled on in a plaza.

Oddly, we didn't make it inside any of these gorgeous churches. We were busy, as the World Cup was going on and Mexico was playing! Also, my sister treated me to a massage. Priorities!

I'm a sucker for pretty doors, and San Miguel did not disappoint.

It was a great trip, over far too quickly though! We can't wait to go back. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

can't stop thinking about

The pattern on this skirt.

{Oscar de la Renta via}
I love it so much. The color, the brush strokes, all the disparate patterns mashed up next to each other! Perfection. Also the shape of the skirt is just right for my my body type. Now if only I had an extra $1,490(wait it's on sale!)$450 lying around budgeted for perfect skirts…

And here it was on the runway:



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

First Trip with baby! and Some tips for your travels

 photo IMG_5938_zps88a6e274.gif

Traveling is very important to me (and Michael). We don't get to travel as much as we'd like, what with money and time not being abundant, but we do try to travel as much as possible. Now that we have a baby, we are so excited to show her the world and introduce her to different places and cultures. And keep seeing new things ourselves! Also, I'm a bit restless and like change, rather than routine. So travel is essential for me!

Recently, we went for a quick visit to my sister and soon to be brother-in-law at their new place in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. They are serious travelers, but have found a home base in Mexico. Lucky for us, as now we have a great excuse and place to visit in Mexico!

I wasn't too nervous about traveling with Violet, who is just under 8 months old, but my one small worry was that she might be in pain on the flight from the pressure. Plus, you just never know- traveling always has unexpected events! However, I know she loves seeing new things and people, and as long as she was with us, she would be fine. She is such a happy and engaging baby that she makes friends wherever she goes. Well, I'm here to tell you that we not only survived, we had a great time! Flights and all! A post on our time there to come shortly, but I thought I would share my tips for traveling with a baby, as I eagerly read many such posts before we went.

1. Book flights around napping/sleeping times.  Kind of obvious, and maybe not always doable, but we had great success flying the red eye (with a delay and layover), and even though Violet didn't fall asleep until around 1am (eek!), when she did, she was out. On the way back, we had an early morning flight again with a layover, and she slept for a large portion of it.

2. If there are two adults traveling, book a window and an aisle seat. Hopefully, if the flight isn't super full, you will have that middle seat free to stretch out a bit. This didn't work out for us, as all our flights were booked, but it would have been really nice.

3. Bring distractions. (Obvi, right?). You know your babies favorite toys? Hide them for a couple days before the flight, then bust then out! A few of our faves: this book, this bookthis toy, this toy. Also, all those inflight magazines? Violet loved pulling them out of the seat pocket.

4. Wear something comfortable yourself. I love these pants for traveling, and while they are a bit on the expensive side, the are totally worth it. Lightweight, cozy, elastic waistband, and flattering! The best. Also, I love a good scarf for travel. Can also be used as a blanket nursing cover, spit up rag, etc.

5. Carseat. To bring or not to bring? We opted to bring ours and just gate checked it for all our flights (which is free!). Also, that way it hopefully doesn't get banged around as much. We felt safer bringing our own than trusting the rental car company, but do what feels best. It didn't feel like a big inconvenience to carry it in the airport and sometimes Violet even sat around in it.

6. Buy diapers when you arrive. Ok, my sister kindly bought some for us before we got there, but we just took enough for the plane. It saves a ton of space in your luggage.

7. Bring an extra outfit for baby on the plane. A major fail for me here. Violet had a blowout on the flight and I had forgotten to pack extra clothes (sad face). So, she remained in a slightly dirty onesie with no pants for the remainder of the flights. We wrapped her up in my scarf though (see #4), so she was warm and comfy. Lesson learned!

8. Go with the flow. You are not going to be able to follow your exact schedule that you have at home. And you may have to take some breaks during the day, or return to your hotel a bit early to let your baby nap. Just go with whether your baby seems to be in a good mood and stay out, or if they are having a melt-down, change plans. Violet did so well, and loved seeing the town and meeting new people. We stayed out late one evening and I fed her on the go in the Ergo. She also napped in it, which was great. I highly recommend.

That's all I have for now! I can't wait to travel again. I'm already scheming of new places to go... I would love to hear if you have any tips for traveling with a baby!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Tumble with me?

Sometimes when the tedium of Pinterest seems to much, I revert to Tumblr. I have read why and how these platforms are different, which I get, and yet, I feel like they get all their content from each other (image-wise), that they sometimes feel a bit redundant. I feel like tumblr is more personal and Pinterest is more in your face. Does anyone share this view or know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, if you're looking for more prettiness, go check out my tumblr! I tend to not post things both places unless its really good and will bring me Pinterest fame (ha!). 

Monday, June 23, 2014

More or less

Woah. Howard Slatkin's Fifth Avenue apartment is amazingly over the top. Which I both love (that wallpaper!!), and kind of hate. Is that a thing? I don't think I could live in such a crazy place, but when I see places like this, I am enchanted and sucked into their fantasy universe. Although,  I think my level of personal mad-cappery is not nearly on this level. 

And the dusting… How does one even start to clean this place? I'm sure Mr. Slatkin's maid is intimately acquainted with how one goes about this.

But, I mean look at that wallpaper!

{images via and here}
There appears to be a very intensive volume about his apartment, if you care to investigate further. Looking through my Pinterest board of interiors, I seem to vacillate between excessive and more sparsely decorated spaces. I think I'm drawn to the look of more, but would rather live with less. All that said, who doesn't like to look at pretty wallpaper that one could never afford. Right?

Friday, June 13, 2014

This pretty much sums up my life right now

My baby is a pretty good sleeper, so I can't really complain. But, I would like more sleep. Always. I love sleep. Wouldn't we all though? I hope you get to sleep in this weekend! I'll be up bright and early! But, I have a smiling baby to wake up to, so don't feel bad for me.

Also, if you're a Rachel Castle fan, as I am, you'll enjoy this video showing her new tea towels. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

the turkey love continues

I must have Turkey on the brain, or its following me or something. Yesterday, I stumbled across these shoes made of old Turkish kilims on Etsy

Aren't they so cool? I guess I'm a sucker for a kilim in any form. And shoes. So… There are a lot more to choose from in the shop. The top pair is in my size, and I think, my favorite. 

If you're interested in exploring further; the shop is owned by a woman named Pia, who also runs a delightful blog, A Style Manifesto,  about social responsibility in fashion (I love this lady already!). It's in Spanish, which I sadly can't read, but it sometimes has subtitles. The photos are worth it. She also has an online shop, Pia & the Makers, which sells items sourced from around the world. For further online crushing, check out her lovely Instagram account.

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