Land of Nod!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's finally here! My designs for The Land of Nod fall collection are for sale. I've been so excited about this project, ever since they first approached me for a collaboration. It was such a pinch me moment, and that has carried through until today! Really, so excited to see these designs come to life on these adorable products. Now I just need to decide what to order for myself!! 


Mexico! Again!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I really love Mexico. We've been a few times over the past few years to visit my sister and this time we were going for a very special reason, my sister's wedding! It was actually kind of a stressful decision as I'm pregnant and there is a little thing called Zika Virus that is apparently all over Latin and Central America. The worst. However, I couldn't not go to my sister's wedding, and it didn't seem like there was any Zika cases near where we were going, in the high elevation, desert-y area of San Miguel de Allende, and so we went. And I didn't get any bites (and doused myself in natural insect repellent), so I think we're all okay.

San Miguel de Allende is a really beautiful old town. The downtown is a Unesco world heritage site, so everything has retained it's old character. Even the Starbucks (of course there's a Starbucks.) is in a cool old building. 

Violet loves Mexico too! Although, this trip she had a kind of hard time on the airplane home, but I think that was our fault with booking weird-ie:early flights.

The courtyards were glorious.

And the wedding! It was so lovely, and we were so happy to be there for it.

Can you tell I was a little obsessed with all the doors?! 

I had one afternoon that I walked around by myself (not a common occurrence) and strolled through this lovely park.

and then I got a double scoop of ice cream, because I could. and because, I love ice cream.

The art school in San Miguel is really beautiful. 

No trip to Mexico is complete for Michael until he gets his corn on the cob from a street vendor.

I'm always inspired by the colors, the art, the architecture, the people, just the different pace of life. This time was no different and I look forward to the next time! Hasta luego! 

Happy early Easter!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

With each project I feel like THIS is the most exciting one, but since each project feels that way, I think I am just super lucky/blessed/thankful that I get to do this. Finding this career and then working for so long to make it a reality has been wonderful and so much work. But it's work, so that makes sense, right?! Anyway, back to my latest project! Easter eggs for Tesco's Finest. I worked with the  Elmwood Brand agency out of the UK, and it was just a delight. Painting and designing this kind of abstract design was really nice, especially because I do so many florals. I just wish I could pop over to England and see/buy/eat them in person!


These photos were taken at Tesco by my super sweet friend and fellow designer in Wales, Ceri. Thank you Ceri!!!

If you're in the UK, pop over to Tesco and check them out! 

design stuff.

Monday, February 22, 2016

{by me, on Minted}

I don't normally enter design contests as I really just don't have the time. And then when I have entered a couple, I've lost. Always a crushing blow to the ego... But, I love the work that Minted artists produce and really admire a lot of them, so the Minted contests always seemed the most intimidating. Somehow though, a few weeks ago I saw the contest for designing a Pottery Barn Kids/Teen x Minted Art Print. I vaguely thought I should enter, then somehow I remembered a sketch I had done of a couple animals (I think the tiger and the camel...) and I was convinced it was perfect for this contest. I only had to come up with about 24 more animals. That was last weekend and the deadline was Friday, of course! So all my spare minutes were spent drawing little animals, which I don't normally paint, but were so fun! I love how it turned out and am so happy I finally entered a Minted contest. No matter what happens, I'm proud of myself for that. If you are interested in voting, here you go.

And now for some real life

Friday, February 12, 2016

{this is me in real life}
Hi there blog friends! I've been neglecting this space for awhile, mostly because I don't have the time but also because I am torn a bit about what to write, how to share, etc. This has morphed from my personal blog to professional blog and I feel like it got slightly  a lot less interesting and much more generic and business-y. Blogs are meant to be fun and personal and the ones that I read and resonate with are the ones that share about their life. Even if its someone who I respect or follow professionally, I still like to hear their random thoughts and bits about their life, because it makes them more interesting in their work as well. I read this post's comments on a blog I read and totally agree. I still like blogs and think there is a place for them (not just the fancy, sponsored ones), so I think I'll be throwing those "how to blog" course teachings out the window, you know the ones that tell you your blog needs to be one thing- professional, personal, just about design, just about cooking, just about your dancing cats, etc. So, I'll try to be more real and just share things that are interesting whether work, life or anything else. Hope you stick around! xo

New collection

Monday, December 14, 2015

The holiday season is in full swing around here and I haven't had much time for working over the past few weeks. I've had lots of time for christmas tree decorating and gawking and eggnog drinking! You know, the important stuff.

Anyway, I'm always working on something, and this one of two main patterns in a new collection!

If you are interested in the rest of the collection or would like to see more of my work, 
please contact me!

Happy holidays to you! 

Can we talk about our fantasy interior designers for a minute?

Thursday, December 3, 2015

{If you click on each image it should take you to the source. I found all of these on Pinterest and Google image searches}
Ben Pentreath. I would hire him in a minute (given that I don't have to pay. I don't have the money to hire the designer to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge). I think my ideal designer lineup would be something of a mix between Ben, Jenny (she has the best taste), and Jersey Ice Cream co. And maybe whoever did Carolina Irving's apartment

But for right now, let's just take a look at Mr. Pentreath. He also owns a fantastic looking store (Pentreath-Hall) in London that I need to visit. They write a delightful blog, if you're interested.

I keep trying to decide if I like all the super simple white wall, minimalism I see on Instagram and "like" or if this is more me. I love pattern, there is just no way around it. Maybe a mix of both?

Granted, he has some rather fabulous structures to work within. Older houses are the best! I mean, that fireplace and the built ins! I think its a Georgian townhouse in Bloomsbury. 

And his lovely country home in Dorset.  

The gardens are especially lovely and done by his talented husband, Charlie McCormick. More about there garden, here.

Do you have fantasy decorators, or is it just me? 

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