I have had a fixation with dresses lately. I am drawn to them and can’t seem to stop wearing them, or finding pretty ones. Everywhere I look, there is some lovely dress calling my name and wanting me to buy and then wear it. Today it was a wedding dress by Caroline Seikaly. Perfection! I think this also was calling my name for other reasons, (ie. I would like to get married to my boyfriend!) but it is totally the dress of my dreams. Tulle and lace…. With just the slightest beading. Who would not feel like a beautiful-fashionista-princess in it? Plus it is not strapless! There are many lovely strapless gowns, and they look lovely on some people, but not all people, and it is just an overdone wedding dress style. Now I just have to find out where to buy said dress. Oh, and get engaged! :) Minor detail…

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