Di and I

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The other day my sister Whitney and I were talking, and it went like this: (Whit)
“so guess what?” (Me) “what?”- “I am looking at Diana cameras?” “I love Diana cameras”
I won’t insult you with anymore of our highly intelligent conversation. Anyway, what came out of this was us both buying Di's! (I can call her Di, right? It's not too soon, as we haven't technically met yet.) I just bought mine today, and can’t wait to see it come in the mail. I suffer from a complex of thinking that I can’t possible come up with interesting photos, because mine err toward the cheesy grin-people in the middle-variety. I of course mix this up with the fake laugh, jump, ponder, model, etc. This is going to change (don’t worry, I will still do all of the above) to include my lovely Di-photos.

As soon as I get time to go out and use it… At the moment I am busy trying to go to Fabric School in Berkeley, which means lots of driving and lots of painting and time spent BEING creative (Sometimes an exhausting task, when forced to do so). Hmmph. Also, trying to not lose all of my friends, neglect my boyfriend, work, keep up with pop culture (I love random facts. People updater on igoogle, how do i love thee?), do annoying things like laundry, dishes, dusting, cleaning behind the stove, sweeping… Who has the time? I certainly feel like I don’t. Not to mention trying to take care of myself and go to the gym, and , oh, I don’t know… shower?

I will make this happen. Thoughts on time management techniques for the lazy procrastinator?

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