Monday, September 28, 2009

Two years ago, after years of being single, (and a bit overweight and melancholy if I do say so myself… I know, single? Shocking.) I decided to make a new, new years resolution. This would be the year of saying yes. (Come to think of it, I was a bit like Jim Carrey in Yes Man, except I was not quite as funny). Not yes to everything,everything but yes to going out with new people and trying new experiences. This was to span the gamut to just about any function I would be invited to.
The year was quite a success in terms of dates, and I had gone out with old friend dates, online dates, blind dates, you get the idea. In September, I reluctantly (I was not always happy about saying yes, but did so anyway…) agreed to drive all the way back to Santa Cruz to attend a friend’s birthday party at a sushi restaurant (I do not like sushi. Too fishy and rubbery, and a horrible texture in general). I arrived hoping to sit with friends, but alas no seats. I was ready to feign illness, but instead sat across from twins, who looked almost exactly alike and kindly made small talk. I talked with them all throughout the evening, and noticed the particular attention from the twin without a girlfriend. He was very talkative and attentive, and dared me to try one of his disgusting looking sushi rolls. I took the plunge, and swallowed the nastiness. Gag. But he was cute… At the end of the night, Michael asked me for my phone number so we could go to an art show in a few weeks. And what did I say to that? Exactly.

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