Monday, September 14, 2009

Tahoe was pretty amazing last weekend. The weather was gorgeous and the lake was beautiful. I had no idea it was so pretty, and it felt so far away from everything. Just what I needed. Work was really making me feel a bit insane. Ah, but the mountain air made me feel like a normal person again. It was so refreshing to be away from it all. M and i stayed at a funny little casino in Nevada and gambled the night away! (not really, but we did play blackjack!) Did not get a picture of the funny little '80's casino, but just imagine a lot of wood, on top of wood, and even more wood.

This map had such vintage charm, i loved it! Gave the most random facts about things around the lake, like what bridge to stand on and see jumping trout. Sadly, we could not find the bridge or the trout... We did see lovely vistas, on our mini hikes. I kept thinking I was getting sunburned, so we didn't get too far on our hikes. D@$* being pale.

Now back to life and back to work... Back to dreaming of another vacation...

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