Another Chanel post this week... I apologize, but it is an emergency.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There has been a loss in my family. My family of cosmetics that is. Or maybe it is just a missing person. Either way, i am distraught. While in Palm Beach last month, my sister bought me the most gorgeous shade of Chanel lip gloss called, “Dragon Rouge”. It is a gorgeous 1940’s-ish red color, that was perfect on my pale skin. It made me look instantly glamorous and sophisticated and added a je ne sais quoi to whatever i was wearing. (why do i keep using French when I speak of Chanel? I don't know, but it is getting to be a bit much, even for me.) I went to apply it this morning, and it was gone! I have been in a panic at my desk all day, thinking it must have fallen out of my purse somehow. Is this what parents feel like when a child goes missing? (Okay, admittedly a bit extreme, but I have no frame of reference…). Maybe I should put up posters? Did it fall out at the apple farm I visited on Sunday? L’horreur! (Okay, I'm done. I promise!) Chanel stuck on a farm in the mud? Hopefully it fell out in my car, or closet, or Michael’s car. If not, I’ll shed a tear, then it’s off to the Chanel counter for me!
*update* I feel a bit silly writing this. My lip gloss has been found, and was on the front seat of my car the whole time. Now my face will match the color of my lips…

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