Chanel-ling Marie Antoinette

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Chanel spring 2010 fashion show looked exquisite. I wish I could have been there to see the spectacle in all its glory. It reminded me of something my Art History professor used to talk about (Anne. A lovely, very disorganized woman, who taught Baroque art, and once lost all the classes tests and gave us all A’s. See why I like her?).The lavish events that the nobility threw were way grander than any art they produced and were considered the true masterpieces of their time. Fashion shows remind me of this. In a way they are about more than the clothes that they are showing, they are about the spectacle and the idea of the Fashion house for the moment.
J’adore Chanel, and the show they put on. I mean, models tromping around in clogs, in a fake Le Petit Trianon barn recreation is fabulous and way over the top. I love this idea for a wedding. Not quite as lavish of course, unless you have the money of Marie Antoinette or Chanel, which sadly, i do not. Hmm. How to do extreme lavishness on a budget? Maybe i'll just let them eat cake.

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