How to know when you've lost it?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I often wonder when the point comes when one cannot feasibly wear certain things. Like when do you become the crazy old lady wearing things you ought’nt and getting stares. Then you catch yourself one day in the mirror and think, “that lady is way too old to wear that ____. Oh wait. That’s me…” I guess shopping at certain places, such as Urban Outfitters, becomes a no-no. Do you want to be wearing the same skirt as your grand-daughter? No. Okay, so I am only 26, and don’t have to be worrying about this quite yet, but it is in my impatient nature to plan ahead. Since I am still in the acceptable age group, I was looking at the UO website and there are some really cute things, such as this blouse. Adorable! I’m thinking about eating every last crumb in my house for the next few weeks so I can buy it. Or these boots. Hmm, I feel a whole outfit coming together. Maybe this skirt. A pair of opaque black tights. I cannot really afford to go shopping at the moment, as I just had the unfortunate experience of shelling out money for a car repair of the cosmetic kind. Sad when your car can get a makeover and you can't even buy yourself a new outfit. Darn. Maybe next month!

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