Thursday, November 5, 2009

So…. I’ll stop beating around the bush and just admit it. I am ready to get married. Michael and I have talked, and I know he wants to get married (to me, obviously) and I have made it clear that I don’t want to be engaged forever. As much as the wedding planning process seems like fun, it also seems overwhelmingly overwhelming, and I don’t want to get bogged down with that for a year of my life. Plus, I want to start a life with the man I love (Cue cheesy music, now!).
So, I am not engaged, but after talking about going ring shopping, this weekend no less, I think I should maybe start to do a little actual planning instead of just reading about weddings and thinking about “someday”…. That is why I am here to admit that I am not yet engaged, but am going to start doing some actual wedding planning.
Neither I, not my not yet fiancé are very wealthy, and have far too many bills to even contemplate… I think our parents will give us a bit of money, but at the same time we don’t want to spend very much as we both think weddings that cost a ton of money are quite obnoxious and over the top. Okay, I think I said that and Michael just agreed… I have read that people do weddings for any amount of money, so I am inspired that I can too. If we really want to save some money, we could get married in a Taco Bell like this couple. Nachos Bellgrande for everyone!

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