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Thursday, January 7, 2010

{Skyland Church, Los Gatos, CA}

I have been engaged about a week and a half and already I am stressing about the wedding. Don’t get me wrong, I am still in a state of bliss and happiness and can’t stop looking at my beautiful ring (!), but still I am a bit overwhelmed by the planning already. We have decided to get married in March, which may get pushed to April, and that is only a few months away! Eek! Now that I am officially looking for places, I know the nightmare that is wedding venue shopping on a budget. A lovely little farm in Carmel started at $15,000. #?@! Who will pay that much I don’t know. A lovely little church is on the list and only $500, (swoon!), but their hall has many restrictions and we won’t be able to use it. So… We have to find another place, or somewhere nearby for the reception. And so the search continues...

In other news, I found my dress! I thought that would be one of the most challenging aspects, but the first dress I found, I fell in love with. Which is like a metaphor for Michael and I. He was the first “boyfriend” I ever had, and the one I fell in love with. No need to try others on. I instantly knew (about the dress), bought it and now just have to wait to actually wear it! It also fit perfectly, so I only need to add a bustle. Perfect. Now I need a veil, shoes and earrings…

{image via Once Wed}

On an emotional note… I thought I would be really calm and just be able to go with the flow, but now that I am actually planning the wedding I feel like I am turning into crazy-neurotic bride! Maybe once a place and day have been firmly established I can focus on other things that sound way more fun to plan and will stop feeling like I have an ulcer. Maybe it is the money issue and I need to stop trying to be frugal and just find an awesome place and worry about the rest later? What I probably really need to do (but who wants to do what they ought, while in the middle of a self pity-despair party?) is remember that Michael and I are getting married and starting our life together. The Beatles are right. All we really need is love. And a killer location…

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