Zen and the art of wedding planning

Thursday, January 14, 2010

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I had a moment of panic the other day. The whole planning process just seemed to loom over me in a giant un-doable mass and I panicked that everything would not come together in time and I would have an ugly ad-hoc wedding. I love wedding blogs that are sane and make you feel like although a wedding is a super special thing, it is not the be all end all of life, or your identity as a couple. A wedding is a celebration of love and commitment between two people, with a great celebratory party following. That's it. Must remember that... After the panic, and after talking to my very sane mother and a few friends and a sister, and my lovely fiance, I settled down and am super excited about the planning process and making everything come together. It is going to be amazing, timeless, classic, elegant... I can't wait!

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