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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sibella Court via {The Design Files}

Image via {The Brass Petal}

Image via Not sure where...

There are days when all i want to think about is the wedding. I think about flowers, ceremony d├ęcor, cupcake sprinkles, whether it will rain, if it does rain- will we get married outside in the rain and have cute umbrellas? How will my hair look in said rain? What if I get mud on my dress, or what if I fall over? Should I get a faux fur shrug? Or maybe a cute sweater… But then, what color would I get? Where from? What would the fabric be????

Because my brain is working overtime on wedding details, some days I need to think about other things. Recently, I have been more and more inspired by interior design. I love design. I have fears about going into it as a profession, and have played with the idea, but I already went to school, and feel like I should be doing instead of going back to school! I feel like I could do it, but don’t even know where to begin. Right now I am starting out by looking. Books, magazines, blogs, life. Now I just need more time to explore. After the wedding… Now, salt and pepper shakers. Needed? Ideas???

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