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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have been so busy and frantic the past few days that I had a mini break-down yesterday and had to take a sick day. Does this happen to all brides? That said, we did get our invitations mailed yesterday and they were so pretty! All my slaving away over the addresses paid off. Now I hope that at least someone appreciates them. If not, I love them and it was worth it. I basically did the method where you pick a pretty font, print the address on your envelope in a similar envelope color, then trace over it. No cream pen was to be found in all of Santa Cruz, so I used gauche paint, which I had read that some calligraphers use for envelopes. It took some practice getting the right amount of paint in the cheap calligraphy pen I bought, but in the end it was great. My advice if you decide to do this: 
1. Practice. I know it goes without saying, but my earlier envelopes are much less sure handed than my later ones. 
2. Don't be to picky with flaws. I made several mistakes on envelopes which will have to be re-done, but if you make a tiny error, don't worry because it will still look great overall and no one will notice. (See above paragraph on "Will anyone notice?".
3. Plan wisely. I thought this would take some time, but it took A LOT of time. Plan on your back aching, your eyes hurting and your hand being ready to fall off after 70 envelopes or so. Your new favorite friend will be the one with the shortest name. 

There was also some debate over what to include in the envelope. In the circles I run around with, registry details and engagement photos are expected. Since we are having neither, (engagement photos are yet to happen) and I didn't want to put the actual registry information in the invitation... We went with a wedding website, or blog. It was free, easy to set up, non cheesy (so many "wedding websites" are so ugly, right?) and we can update it as we go along before the wedding.

Now onto the million other tasks left to do in a month. A month! Wow! 

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