Chandelier, I love you.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So this rug has me thinking about how to start making my little cottage house into a real home (cliche, I know, but true). There are so many inspiring homes out there, it makes me think that everyone is living in a beautifully styled home with linens, and colorful pillow, with just the  right amount of modern touches thrown in. Most people I know do not live in beautifully styled homes. Not that they are ugly, they would just not usually be featured in a magazine or on a blog. I guess the purpose of a home is to be comfortable and inviting for the people who live there, not so pretty and well styled that it should be on a blog... I need to remember that, but at the same time, I need to live somewhere pretty, instead of my burlap, flower, candle, jar, box, magazine, clothes filled little house. You don't want to see pictures of that (trust me. I just clothes my eyes and stumble by) so here are some lovely rooms for inspiration...
{Of course i love this. Gray and white. So relaxing! Also, I love wallpaper so much. Darn rental.}

{above images via here}
{image via- I can't remember. I need to stop doing that...}

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