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Thursday, March 11, 2010

{this photo I especially love. Lavender and Chartreuse? With a good dose of white. Ahhh...}

I found this blog as I usually find other blogs, by looking on blogs. Enough of that word, right?! Emma’s blog is amazing and simple, and the photos are so great. Simple, yet make you really look at them to soak in all the details… Plenty of design eye candy to be had. Here is a sample:

{a fireplace in the bedroom. Need I say more? Except perhaps, firehazard! I would be too nervous to have my sheets that close, but lovely all the same.}

With a new little cottage (the term I have decided is correct, as our little place isn’t really a duplex or apartment, yet still shares one- the bathroom-wall with our neighboring “cottage”) to decorate, I have been obsessed with design blogs and ideas of how to make our house into a home. I think I need to clean, unpack and really assess what we need… But first, we have to get married. I have flour sacks to make into napkins, and they will not hem themselves. Also, the burlap has arrived!!

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