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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Currently, all I can think of is the wedding. Or that is really all i should be thinking of, as my to do list is getting longer and raging out of control. I need to hem napkins, and think of ceremony decor, write thank yous, and to do lists for other people... My house is a mess and full of jars, boxes, and lingerie. (Thank you bridal shower!)
{burlap inspiration}

{more lovely burlap}
What I really want to do right now is play around with Polyvore, this new cool site that lets you create fashion/inspiration boards. I should make some regarding the wedding, certainly that would be allowed. Let’s start with the 40 yards of burlap I just ordered. Yeehaw! Burlap, you say? yes! Tablecloths are expensive, and burlap with lace runners will be lovely. Right? Right. Below are my first feeble attempts at Polyvoring. What is Polyvore, really? Well, just the coolest website/fashion social site/magic tool! It is an amazing thing that you can use to make inspiration boards online, from practically any image. As one who does not own photoshop, let me just say, LOVE. I can’t stop clipping images with the “clipper” tool. There is so much that I see that I forget about, or want to blog about, and then just forget. No more losing the things I love, as I can save them to Polyvore and make them into an inspiration board later. Also, they have TONS of items, broken down by category (natch!) that you can browse. Which means, you can also shop while you are getting inspired... Love this!

Find me on Polyvore

{Sorry these are so tiny... Still experimenting...}

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