Pretty Lovely Blooms

Thursday, March 25, 2010

{image via EmersonMade}
I am late to the bandwagon I am sure, but I have fallen hard for EmersonMade. The flower corsages are so adorable, and I love that Emerson models them herself. So cute! Also, once I saw the house that she and her husband live in in New Hampshire on Design*Sponge I was smitten. Can I move in please?
{All further images via }
I keep seeing Hunter Boots everywhere, and I have decided that I need some. Don't mind the fact that I live in a California beach town, and should invest more in flip-flops than in rubber boots, but that is neither here nor there. What I want to talk about is the coat. I haven't thought I could pull of a leopard print coat, but I totally want to. Maybe if i rocked it with the giant pink flower like in the picture. I am thinking Elizabeth Taylor meets hippie chic but updated for today. Too much?
Are these Frette Linens? I love the monogram. Also the stripes. Hmm...  I really do need bedding at the moment. Anyway, so cute and so inspiring to make my life a little more lovely. Maybe I will start by odering a bloom. More on topic for my life at the moment- How can i use it for the wedding?

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