Raindrops cannot fall on my be-veiled head!! Let us talk about fashion this Friday instead!

Friday, March 26, 2010

So... is predicting rain showers for April 3. Not acceptable. We could have everything inside, but it would be cramped and not what I envisioned, so it must not happen. Have moved on from panic to a strange serene calm, and am quite certain it will not rain. Maybe delusional, but I. will. remain. calm. CALM!
    Let's change the subject. I am really into polka dots these days. I will be wearing polka dot tights for the rehearsal dinner in 1 week, (though not just the tights, obviously will also be wearing this lovely dress ) and love this polka dot skirt above and below:
{image via}
 Because I cannot entertain the possiblity of rain in the coming week, I will entertain the possiblity of adding this blue, polka dotted skirt to my closet instead...

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