Strike a Pose

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Michael and I had so much fun with our photographer Levi Matthew last weekend, modeling for our engagement photos. They came out so cool, and I am beyond excited to see what the wedding photos will bring. Driving all around San Luis with Levi was super fun, and we all listened to good music and looked for pretty locations. Not hard to find where we were! I, of course, had way to many outfits and didn’t get through half of them. It was so hard to choose what to wear! I was torn between this adorable dress I got on sale at Anthro, and the black skirt I ended up wearing. The dress, I am going to wear to the rehearsal dinner with these tights and these shoes. I’ll have to post a picture to see how it all comes together, but I am hoping for a look something out of 1940’s Vogue. Surely the perfect outfit to wear for pizza and beer at the Mountain pizza place with tie-dyed curtains and overly bright, murals on the walls… Right?

{Images via the wonderful Levi}

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