Ikea does weddings! Kind of... Did we already know about this?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Everyone knows the wonder that is Ikea. It really has almost everything, and when you wander through the showrooms, everything looks so great, and then you see the price and it is so cheap! A frame for 3 bucks? You can always use a frame! Michael and I were there the other night buying a few simple things for our home and amazingly only bought a few simple things for our home. "How restrained!" you must be thinking. Nope, we only had 40 minutes before they closed, because of our slight detours to get dinner at the world's best pizza place (well, one of the worlds best at least),  and also another detour to pick up some of the best sauce that you can eat on anything (ice cream? No...i take it back).
    All this food talk is making me hungry, but beside the point. Have you seen the Ikea wedding idea website? It is in Swedish, I suppose. I really don't know what it says... But the photos I understand! I should have used more Ikea stuff at our wedding! We did use very inexpensive things, in a chic way, but I love these photos for inspiration! I think all of the ideas would make for lovely weddings.

{image via}

I especially love the last image of the table top. So pretty! The glasswear, the feathers! Perfect. With a little creativity, Ikea can look like a million bucks. I think I may need to make a return trip again, even if I don't have a wedding as an excuse to shop anymore. Darn!

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