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Monday, April 26, 2010

I just love this wallpaper... But that is neither here, nor there...

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I am back from the chaotic thrill of what is a wedding and then honeymoon, and normal life has begun again. Actually, life is not normal, because I am married! The wedding needs a whole post of its own, as it was frenetic, amazing, joyful, overly emotional, and all the very confusing and wonderful things that as I now, know, make up a wedding! Anyway, more on that later... The honeymoon, wow. Needs another post of its own as well. (aren't I a bit self-obsessed, thinking everyone wants to hear the nitty-gritty details...) Really though, Ireland was amazing, and then we were stuck there for 4 extra days due to THE volcanic ash cloud from Iceland. What a weird way to end a honeymoon, stuck in Ireland, then on a plane, praying that your plane will not crash, due to the engines being clogged by ash... A story for the grandkids! "In my day, planes couldn't even fly through ash clouds! We just sat and waited!"
    I forgot where this was going... Oh, yes. I have a new name, and so does my blog! Sarah York. A nice ring to it, I think (very similar to Sarah Ferguson the Duchess of York, or so I keep hearing). I'll take it! Goodbye, Gunnison! I'm a new York! (Ha! Guess how many times I have heard that? You don't want to know...I'm sorry, you didn't need to hear it either.) I also recetly discovered there was already  a blog called "Pretty Lovely Things", so I am really not original. Hmm.. So, from now on I will be going by, loboromo. Lovely, bohemian, romantic, modern- which is how I would like my life to be characterized. Love it, hate it? Original or not. Here I come!

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