Is it wrong to be in love with a Kitchen Aid Mixer, when it feels so right?

Monday, May 10, 2010

I received the best present in the mail the other day. Okay, it wasn't really a present as I knew it was coming, but my sheer excitement when it arrived made me feel like a little kid on Christmas. Sad, I know... I was instantly smitten with the pistachio color at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and had to have it. That meant waiting for it to come in the mail, but I am so glad I waited. The pale shade of green is juuuuust right. Not to bright, yet not overly subtle you can't tell it is green. It is so pretty, yet it works so well! It mixes things with ease, and is not hard to use at all. The blueberry muffins I made for Mother's day were amazingly simple and delicious! Everyone (well, my mom, dad and Michael) was quite impressed with my baking skills. I just want to bake all day! Cookies and cakes and pies, oh my! Next up, perfect pizza dough! I am determined I can make dough even more delicious that Trader Joes. Don't get me wrong, I love TJ's dough (especially the whole wheat) but there is so much pressure once you buy it to use it right away before it goes bad. Eek! So, I am making my own so there is no pressure, just a lot more work that plopping dough onto the counter. At least I have my new friend to help!  

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