Still waiting for photos.... But in the meantime, nightstands.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I like this simple nightstand. fun lines, utilitarian, unfussy. Also, a metal, which would be a good contrast from all the wood I have in the house. The wooden dressers from craigslist, and the wood floors. I want to paint the dressers, but Michael loves wood. I love me some wood (double entendre not indended...)but I really think they would look even better painted. Maybe a pretty french gray? Or you can never go wrong with white...
{again, not sure.}
Love all the white on white on white texture. My bedding is all white, but I need some white nightstands, lamp, headboard, etc...
{via here}
Okay, this isn't really  a nightstand, but could be used for one. Right? Love the gate legs. Also, love the sofa. And the pillows, and the art, and the rug...
{via here}
I loved reading about this blogger, Nichole, who also loves the color white. Who doesn't though, right? Oh, not everyone? Okay. I love other colors as well, and honestly wouldn't want to live in an encapsulating white space (I think it would feel to modern and not LOBOROMO enough. See what I did there? It's going to be a thing!), but the allure and clean simplicity of a white bedroom makes me swoon. Did I just talk myself into a white nightstand? What do we think of this? Or this:
{via Amazon}

PS. Just got the wedding photos last night. Good heavens there are a lot of them! I'll be posting them soon!

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