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Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, what a glorious weekend! Well, actually not much spectacular happened, but it was wonderful to watch the world cup and lie about in my pajamas past 7:30am. Heaven!
There was the normal hustle and bustle of the weekend- laundry, marketing, cleaning, seeing friends, church, a baby shower, the World Cup (Team USA! so sad. Moving on... Go Argentina!), etc. I also did a bit of baking and made these blueberry muffins. Seriously, they are super simple and amazing. Also, I made them a bit healthier and used half whole wheat flour and less oil. They still were light, fluffy, and delicious. Now if only instead of losing the recipe and crouching over a computer, teetering on the side of my counter, I had this lovely recipe box and recipe cards:

Love this! I also have a very unsightly collection of stained, crumpled computer printouts that are not very LOBOROMO at all. I hate cutesy recipe cards and boxes, but this box, made from reclaimed wood by local craftsmen, and adorable cards to go inside. I would gladly handwrite all my recipes on these cards and bake way more often if I had such a cute recipe box. Although for now, I will have to come up with another solution for storing my recipes, as sadly I do not have the recipe for extra money at the moment...

{All via Rifle Paper Co.}

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