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Friday, June 4, 2010

{Another wedding photo by Levi, of course!}

Really, I haven't posted since last weekend?! Come on, was I really so busy? Really?? Ie: sorry for the lack of posts lately (and sorry for the not so funny homage to "Really? With Seth and Amy" from SNL. It was much funnier in my head). I have been super inspired by design blogs and plans this week, and should be sharing said inspiration, but am also feeling blah at work, and so am trying to soak it all in so I then have something interesting to say. Poor Michael gets the brunt of the blah's when I get home everyday...
     On an exiting note!  I have been busy working on jewelry with a friend for our new business, August Mae Designs. And good news, a few of our rings we bought by a local store! On a consignment basis, Stripe Design Group will be selling a limited selection of our one of a kind creations! Hopefully soon it will be on a not-so-much-consignment basis! We are trying to also get our etsy site up and running, but being such newbies, it is taking awhile... If you are interested, photos should be up this week, here.
   In the meantime, i am trying to just get and keep our house clean, let alone try and decorate. Oh, and I have an order coming in the mail from J.crew for my outfit for a wedding this weekend in Redding, CA. I don't know that much about Redding, as I only have visited once when I was young, and I only remember it being hot. That said, I was trying to find something summery and appropriate for a garden, summery wedding. Also, on a sort of tangent... The new J.crew catalog shoot in Guatamala?! I die. What I wouldn't give to be a part of those catalog shooting trips!

{Jcrew of course}

{an August Mae Designs ring! As worn to the office. Sorry for the bad phone pic}

I am thinking of wearing some gold shoes (espadrilles?), a cream colored, short sleeve cardigan, and maybe a brown belt and flower corsage? I would love to figure out a flower hat type-accoutrement but I only have a few hours, and I really should be cleaning, napping and spending some quality time with M. I'll post pics of my outfit on Monday. Come on back and check it out! Really!

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