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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{Jenna Lyons closet from Domino}

This morning as I rooted around in my closet I thought to myself, "I'm kind of hungry. What time is it? I need to hurry and get dressed. Did I wear this recently?" and also, "I need to re-organize my closet." How does it happen that one moment your closet is an clean, organized haven of possible wardrobe combinations, and the next moment it is a deep, chaotic cave that you can't find a thing to wear in? My dream closet would be much bigger than my current closet and might include the desciptive phrase, "it used to be a bedroom, but was converted to a closet..." It would also have wallpaper, a place to sit (deciding on outfits can be tiring! And some clothes are complicated and you need some support while getting them on! Putting on shoes!), and some art. Case in point... Closet perfection:


I would also take this wonderfully organed and put together room, er, I mean closet. Can I also have the contents please?


{Not sure...}
The ultimate closet dream... Carrie Bradshaw's closet!

Rachel Zoe's closet is not as "Bananas" as I would have thought. "I" do not "die." Never the less it is much larger than my closet now, and I would not shake a stick at it. Case closed.

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