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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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This product is amazing. I was a bit skeptical as it is $42 a bottle, but as I was going to get $25 dollars off for recycling my used Kiehl's containers (did you know about their instore, container recycling program? Really quite an amazing deal, seeing how you have to recycle or throw the bottles away anyway...)

and lo and behold, the Midnight Recovery Concentrate beckoned. The sales woman mentioned a few things about its anti-aging, skin repairing benefits, and before I knew it, it was mine! I have been using it for about 4 days, and my skin seriously has never looked better. No more dry flakiness, and my pores are barely noticeable! Now my skin feels smooth and velvety, kind of like a babies, well you know...  It might just be my imagination, but I also feel like my skin is more radiant and fine-line-less. Totally worth it. Love this!

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