Presenting... Fall! And pumpkin pie!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Not my pie, but hopefully I will have a picture to show you soon. image via}

Today is October 1st and marks the first day of what feels like fall to me. I equate fall with pumpkin pie, and Pumpkin Pie Day is officially here (today), and pumpkin pie season has officially begun (October 1-December 31)! From now until New Year’s Eve I will be eating as much pumpkin pie as I can get my hands on. Seriously, I love the stuff.
I am a bit of a pumpkin pie snob and purist, so I can’t wait to bite into the deliciousness that is homemade pumpkin pie. None of this store bought business for me! Tonight my mother and I are baking a few pies from semi-scratch, meaning we make homemade crust (really, super easy and worth it) but use canned pumpkin. I think that constitutes home-made, right?! I can’t even describe how good they are. Smooth, creamy, deliciously yet delicately spicy, flaky crust... Hello fall! Glad you’re back!

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