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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{via the Satorialist}

{via Martha Stewart, natch!}

How is it that I have never had the pleasure of having a macaron? (Are they delicious? I am assuming... I love cookies, but do not like madelines. Go figure. I'm an odd one.) I love French culture, and wish I was as chic as French women (how do they never get fat, by the way? I read the book, but am still kind of at a loss). Love seeing the Paris runway shows going on right now. Oh, how I wish I could attend. What has been your favorite? I have to say, I perennially love Chanel, Lanvin and Chloe. I think I would gladly take any one of those collections for my wardrobe. What about you? If you had to choose your entire wardrobe by only one designer, who would it be? (Who am I kidding, I would take a new wardrobe from anyday, even if it weren't Chanel!)

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