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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lovely room. Just lovely. So much going on, yet it all works together. Love the madcap, pattern, stuff, bit of zaniness... So much more bold than I would dare to go, but I need to push myself. Don't even get me started on the blue. Perfection!

{via Lonny}

I saw this image and immediately fell in love with the wallpaper. Lisa Fine, can I be your roomie? Or more accurately, can I please know where you got this fabulous wallpaper?

Are these not the cutest shoes you have seen in awhile? They were for me. They would make adorable wedding shoes, or just super cute every day shoes. Ha! Did i just say everyday shoes? I wish i wore high heels everyday... Alas, in my little office, no one would care and I spare my feet for special occasions. Most of the time!

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