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Friday, October 8, 2010

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These images of Richard Christiansen's apartment at the Bowery Hotel in New York City, captured my imagination this morning. I mean, look at his view! How could you not love that? Other things I love... The deep marble bathtub and the black and white scheme going on. It looks so glamourous and old school. Langouring in the bathtub with wine and magazines sounds like a lovely evening (or heck, morning!). Sigh...

I also love the velvet boards behind the bed acting as headboards, but not quite a headboard. I feel an idea for my bedroom coming on... And the rich blue color with the coral on the duvet and sheets. Heaven! I scoured the internet looking for the sheets, but found out they are custom Sferra for The Bowery Hotel. Hm... What a fabulous bed to sleep in. I must admit one of my favorite activities is lounging in bed under a duvet on a weekend morning. The delicious feeling of not having to go to work, coupled with the soft light streaming in= pure bliss, in my opinion. I would gladly live in this hotel any day! The final kicker.... Room service! Sign me up, please!

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