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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I could totally make this right?? I think I might give it a try...

I am sensing a trend here. Russian Christmas? V. good thing.

{all images from here}

Okay, so i know it's only November, but I am so excited for Christmas already! My first Christmas as a married lady. So fun! I am tempted to buy one of those cheesy "Our first Christmas" ornaments, but maybe a bit too sappy even for me...

Instead, I think I will head over to Antrhopologie and buy some of their adorable ornaments. Have you seen this video? Made me so happy to see all the little ornaments frolicking about. Love it! I love most things Anthro, so this doesn't really come as a surprise.
Even though I love Anthro, I feel like i am missing some fabulous ornament repositories. Where else should I be looking? Etsy? Other ideas???

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