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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sorry for the somewhat grainy and less than stellar images. I can’t quite figure out my digital camera, nor iphoto editing… Perhaps photoshop would have been better, but I am still figuring that out too. I am better at figuring out non-technological things. Like jigsaw puzzles and what to write in a thank you note. Also, our room is still a bit in progress, but what room isn't? Am I right?!
    Anyway, the purpose of aforementioned photos is to show off the beautiful rug! I was kind of a mad person on the day it was being delivered. Obsessively checking for delivery updates, calling UPS when it had not been delivered by 6pm (really, UPS?!). Apparently, they have until 9pm to deliver. After 9pm, it still hadn’t arrived, but the delivery status was now “Delivered”. I was ready to go door to door asking who stole my rug, when my friend Ashley who had just left came back with the rug that she had seen on our neighbors porch. I was so excited, I immediately anti-bacterial Fabreezed it and put it in our room. And let me tell you… It looks fabulous. So soft, rich colors, gorgeous. I think Michael might still need some convincing, but I love it. Anthropologie-via-ebay, thank you!

{all photos by me. Let's be honest though, who is really going to take these?}

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