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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This was supposed to be an alliterative post entitled “Wallpaper Wednesday”, but now it’s Thursday and I am still really enchanted by all these amazing wallpapers. Aren’t they gorgeous? If I could, I think I would have a whole house full of wallpapered rooms. Yes, it can go old fashioned and grandmothery if the wrong paper is chosen, but it also adds a lot of pizzazz to a room and gives it character very quickly. I am very much considering some re-moveable or fabric wallpaper in our bedroom. I might have to convince Michael of this, but I think it would be Bananas (Oh, Rachel Zoe. Are you done with your show, now that you are allegedly pregnant?). I die.

And the fabric on the bed! Amazing. Love the color and the vibrancy next to the traditional pattern of the wallpaper.

{Gemma Comas}

I love this whole set-up. Great style. I wish I had an entryway that I could have a table in. My front door pretty much opens into my living room. I have dreams of a future adorable little vestibule.

Similar looking to above, yet different. Not sure which one I like more. Maybe the one on the bottom. The top one looks like it could be DIY'ed. Maybe??
{Amanda Borg}

Could totally DIY this. If I had the time or patience...

{Amanda Borg}

{Lisa Fine's Apartment via Lonny}

I have spoken of my love for this wallpaper before, but I so love looking at it. I also have ideas for some wallpaper fashioned to look like this...

{Emily Henderson on HGTV's Design Star}

{SurfaceView via}

This is so  hippie-dippy. I love it. Marbled paper in general is pretty awesome.

via Tumblr

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