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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Black flats are my basic go to shoe. Does everyone have something like this? A “Go to” piece of clothing or shoes that if all else fails you can add to an outfit and feel good. My black flats are this item. They have to be the perfect black flats, which are sadly, very hard to find when you are on a budget. If I could afford some Lanvin, Chanel or some fancy designer shoe, I think I would never wear anything else. So pretty.
   Since I do not have the budget of Imelda Marcos and must find something “affordable” instead of “perfect”, I need to do some research. Sadly, the last few pairs that neared perfection (J.Crew, Steven, Mia) we worn to death and tragically all had to be thrown away. Not even given away! That is when you know you have reached a very good CPU (Cost Per Use. Or how to determine if an item is worth the $. CPU of a party dress that is oh… $300? Probably about $100 CPU. CPU of a pair of perfect black flats? Probably negative or .01cent CPU. See how useful this can be to explain high cost items!? Does anyone else do this? Not so crazy, right?). Not sure if Michael quite agrees with that, especially in the case of Chanel flats (My sister has a pair and they are heavenly). So, no go on those for me…
Here is where my search has led me:

Vera Wang Lavendar Label "Lillian"{via}

Steve Madden "Kyros"

J.Crew Classic Leather Flat {via}

Repetto flats {via}
Gap City Flat {via


I just received the Steve Madden shoes in the mail, but I am not so sure… Kind of odd, and the cap-toe leather at the front is kind of metallic, which was NOT mentioned in the description. And cheap looking. Eww. Now I am thinking perhaps J.Crew? Gap? Should I just bite the CPU and buy the Repetto's? If you have any recommedations, I would LOVE it.  

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  1. You are so funny - this is totally true! I can get behind spending a little extra on the perfect pair of black flats. Not $400, but sure, somewhere around or a little north of $100 breaks down nicely!! I love the Vera Wang Lavendars - they look so much like Lanvin! Repettos or French Sole would be good, too!


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