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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Confetti System for Opening Ceremony}

This morning, I was completely bowled over by Confetti System. I think I have seen some of their work before, but was too busy or something, because I didn't realize how cool it is! Their mad-cap, festive, amazing piñatas and decorations are to die-for. No horses or cartoon characters here, just good old fashioned shapes with rock star materials like leather, silk and of course, all things shiny! The piñata grows up! They even fill some of them with confetti, and they are meant to be broken. So inspiring to see their studio and hear about their work. Design interviews fascinate me, and I love to read about what people love to do and how they do it. 
 I also love their other decorative objects, and the installation curtains. How amazing would it be to have this wall in your house? Gold confetti wall?!! I don’t know that it would particularly “go” in my little cottage by the sea, but I definitely would not turn it down!  
      The other night at school, my teacher decided to turn my Swedish Dala horse design into a fiesta piñatas. I wasn't thrilled at first, but I am getting inspired... I think this is a sign to accept the piñata idea and run with it. Maybe with all these crazy colors of the Confetti System as my guide? Andale!

{Gold-curtain fabulousness}

{Creature Comforts Office and Showroom}

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  1. is it weird that all of these photos of confetti are making me really happy? they are! your project sounds very cool - what is it?


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