Current Inspiration... February!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whew, the past month has flown by, and I have been unable to even post pictures on le blog, let alone say anything. I have been too scattered to think lately and find I can only look at pretty things and can’t really process my feelings into words, hence, lack of blog posts. I am going to start out slowly and try to at least post the inspiring images that I come across as a record. Behold, my current inspiration…
Spoons! Pretty, pretty spoons! Is this what happens when you collect touristy spoons wherever you go? If so, maybe I should get on that...
{from Anthropologie} This bedding is divine. Also, the car and the whole idea that the image evokes is great. Makes me want to take off on an impromptu roadtrip and eat smores and look at the stars. In Europe, preferably.

I like Paris in the... Winter.

Is that a rubber tree going crazy in the back there? Perhaps a wee bit too crazy and of room-overtaking proportions, but I have to say that I am intrigued.

Color-palooza. So much crazyness, but it all works so well together. Makes me want to be more adventurous and madcap in my own home. That painting really rocks.

{via the Neo-Traditionalist} The Alps in summer with colored dots makes me happy.

{looks like Anthropologie, but I am not sure} That floor! Also, the dress and the butterflies, and what is that little sailor person in the front of the shot? Who cares. Awesome.

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