Current Inspiration… March!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No time to do a proper post, but one on the way, which is the tale of two sofas (but more on that later)… Also, one involving pirates... For now, current inspiration! We like these posts right?! Right.

{via Lonny}
Love the colored mats in the frames and the cheerful mix of patterns, colors and textures. 
{via The Sartorialist- found on Secrets of a Stylist Blog}
This color combination is awesome. Mustardy, gold is becoming my favorite color and I love that it is popping up in more places. Pairing it with this turquise blue seems like the perfect combination. Also, love these shoes. Am I crazy?

{via The Sartorialist- Found on Secrets of a Stylist Blog}
Again, Such a great mix of colors. I love this coat, even just seeing it from the back. I wonder what the front looks like? I am guessing, awesome.

{Miles Redd}
Pattern, color, ikat chairs! I love it all. Miles Redd is genius!

 I saw someone paint this pattern of wallpaper on their walls, and it actually came out amazingly. I wish I could do this in our rental...

These last three images just make me happy and inspired. Now, onward... March! (Ha!)

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