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Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh, Mondays…. The weekend was a whirlwind for the York house! Full of driving to Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and plenty of homework thrown in for good measure. But, it was my last Sunday class at school. Hooray! I finally will have some of my weekend back again. To do homework! Psyche! Ah well, I am feeling good and getting stuff done. More projects are coming together and moving forward, which is always exciting. So, on this Monday, some things I am currently loving…

I am in love with these pillows made from antique Persian rugs. So unique and colorful! I want a whole couch full of them. With my couch, I think it could either be over-the top-amazing, or maybe just over the top. Undecided...  

{google images}
 Okay, so this image of an elephant I am not exactly loving, except that it reminds me of the border skirt design that I am currently working on for school. After many weeks of banality, last night I think I might have had a breakthrough with the layout. I am hoping to get it approved tonight! Fingers crossed.

{By Suzanne Kesler via}
This desk is awesome. Michael and I were just talking about getting a drafting table for me to work on, and this is just the one I would want. Not too big and bulky, in a gorgeous chesnutty color. Yes, please! Now to find it in real life at a reasonable price. Can it be done?  
 Lovely. Tile done right. And the brass fixtures? Charming perfection!


 India. High, if not at the top of my travel list. I cannot wait to go here and experience all of it. Currently, I am reading Shantaram, which takes place there, and is fueling my desire to go (despite the gritty things that go on in the book, which is super good, by the way). Must make this happen. Soon!

Not sure where this is, but does it matter? I would go in an instant. I am guessing Europe or South America, and either way, I'm ready. Love!

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  1. I love that room with the desk! The couch. The curtains. The pictures. Cherry blossoms in the windows. So pretty.


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