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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My best friend had a semi-boyfriend many years ago who, while writing in email, always shortened words ending in “ing” to “in” as in lookin’, goin’, feelin’. This has randomly been ingrained in my psyche, and whenever I write the word “feeling”, I instinctively want to change it to feelin’. That is neither here nor there, but I just thought I’d share (ha!). Okay, then…. School has been BANANAS this spring and I just got back from a trip to Korea to visit my sister, so there hasn’t been much time to blog. But, I’m back in action and ready to party. Er, well, back to work is more like it… Happy May everyone!

{via Coco & Kelley}
  Love the pattern, colors, textures. Reminds me of India for some reason, which i am obsessed with lately. Must get myself there. ASAP!

{Celerie Kemble's office via Style Files}
Coral! And the chevron rug strikeoff is to-die-for. Must remember this color palette to use in a design. Is chevron really ever out of style? I think, no. 
Read about this modern dancer from the early 20th century who became famous for dancing an entire show called "Radha" about the Hindu god Vishnu. Her outfits (and audacity for the time!) are fearless. This photo is especially gorgeous. 
{via Kelly Wearstler's blog}
On Kelly's blog, this is an action photo! And the hat. Kooky and crazy, but on Kelly, I love it.   
 The color combination is delightful. This wallpaper makes me so happy.
{via google images}
 Inspiration for one of my designs. Elephant print, knock-off. It is a challenge, but I'm hoping it turns out cool rather than kitcsh.

{via Tucker}
If I could have the whole line of Tucker every season, I would be a happy girl! The cutest prints on silk, and The Blouse is the perfect top that looks chic and goes with everything. I love this print especially! If i were to design a line of clothing, I would love it to be like Tucker. 
{via Tumblr}
Ruffle detailing makes me swoon!

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