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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

 Do you ever get into those moods where theoretically you want to look cute, but don’t have the energy? I am in one of those fashion doldrums where my closet bores me and all I really want to wear are my pajamas- morning, noon and night. (It's just easier and no decision making is involved!)Since, I do not work from home, I think this is probably unacceptable (although, in my ultra-casual office, I have seen sweats on more than one occasion. You don’t even want to know what else…). So, I am trying to get inspired and these images are just about doing the trick.
 J.Crew's styling, as has oft been said, is spot on every time. Love this blouse. The weird waxy shorts though, not sure about...
Jenny Packham
These dresses are sparkly, glittery and oh-so pretty. If I were a movie star and had to go to red carpet events, I would for sure be wearing one of these.

This purse with scarf bow (I love this detail! Is it over? I hope not!) is so adorable. Definitely easy to recreate, but I need a new purse. This shape is what I am looking for, but the price tag is probably not...

Mixing bracelets and watches... Noticed, and emulating. Check!

I think this is another J.Crew look, and again with the styling!! On their own each of these pieces is just okay, but together, great. I love the woven belt and mix of costume jewelry, unexpected color palette and overall insouciant  attitude. Okay, I'm inspired! Now to see what I can do with my current wardrobe... 

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