Ombre, Hombre.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The other day I was lying in bed looking at my white cotton curtains from Ikea, and started thinking that they look a bit-- “meh”. The creamy white curtains were blending into the creamy white walls, and it was all looking very blah. I think a bit of pizazz and perking up is in order! Since I do not have a lot of money to re-decorate whenever the fancy strikes me (which would be about everytime I see something new and cool), I was thinking ombre curtains would be relatively easy and very, very cool. 
{Via Anthropologie}

Hello, Anthro. You always have the perfect (yet overly priced, therefore usually out of my price range) item that I need. Think romantic, modern, bohemian bungalow chic= my current style. Now if I can just convince my hombre that he will love ombre curtains…

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  1. I can see these in your place. Could you not possibly dye the bottoms of your plain white Ikea meh cotton curtains? You are very creative!


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