Fanc-ikat! Get it??

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

      Oh, the things that amuse me… Those that know me, will laugh and at the same time groan over that one. Everyone else is probably groaning. Ikat (pronounced e-cot, I know…) seems to be everywhere in the design world these days, which is okay by me, as I love it. Currently, I am researching ikat for a school project, and I’m excited! I just bought this book which looks like a good resource, we’ll see… And I’ve just been looking at scores of fabrics. Mostly online, as I’m stuck at work, but will be ordering some to look and feel them in person as well. Any good resources for unique Ikats that I’m missing?
{via Etsy}
I love this dress. Fantastic. I feel like Miss Uzbekistan should wear this in the Miss Universe competition, and she should WIN!
I know this is a rug and technically not an ikat, but I thought the design and colors were pretty and could be adapted well to an ikat pattern.

{Madeline Weinrib}
Ms. Weinrib is the queen of ikats. Always gorgeous.
I can't remember where this is from, but it is amazing. One of my favorites. 

Mustard ikat. Yum.

{Last 4 via Etsy}
 Love them all! Which one to choose... I'll try to share the design process for this project as it might be interesting (Disclaimer:might be). It starts here at the inspiration point, next up, layouts!


  1. I love ikat! That dress is awesome!


  2. I am obsessed with ikat...Just need to find a way to incorporate it into my wardrobe.



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