In bed… And, The Jacobean!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy hump day to all and to all a good night, oh, I mean, hello! I have had a cold the past few days (obviously still rather out of it...), and am finally coming back into the world of the living. Yesterday was spent trying to work from home, do homework, then collapsing on the couch. And, repeat. I’m not a very good functioning sick person, and prefer to rest and get better rather than power through, hopped up on cold medicine. I guess I have that luxury though, as I have a job I can call in sick to, and no kids. Ahh… Anyway, I thought I would share a taste of one of my recently completed school projects.

This “Jacobean” (a specific style of motifs, very traditional), is seriously one of the hardest projects we have to complete and takes SO much time. But it is so pretty, and the hand painting is actually rather fun after awhile. I was beyond excited to show this in class, and receive my “I’m just glad it’s finished” button. So true. Now, after basking in this accomplishment, it’s on to the next one…

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