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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lately, looking through the images I've collected from around the web, I have been drawn to greens of every shade and hue. Color theming, if you will...

{vintage gouache painting}
This pattern is so cute and modern, yet was painted years ago! Just goes to show that good design holds up over time. I also feel compelled to like all gouche paintings, as that is what I do for textile design, so it is inspirational on the days when the painting doesn't go right, and ends up all blotchy and ugly. Also, this is really just one color and looks amazing. Skills.

 I know, everyone has seen this photo a million times, but I remember seeing this kitchen in Domino for the first time, and thought it was adorable. And the color combo is great. Chartruese and emerald?! Who cares if you have a big kitchen, if you have an adorable little kitchen like this? I would take this over granite and stainless steel any day.

{From Russian Bon Appetit}
Who wouldn't want a little Russian country house that looked like this? Bohemian perfection. I think green houses with white trim is way under utilized. Bring it back homeowners!

I've had a soft spot for green velvet, ever since I saw Scarlett O'Hara rip the curtains down at Tara to make her dress (and seriously, if I could sew like Mammy to make that dress, oh how happy I would be. SKILLS.). Overall, I would gladly take any element in this room, but the green velvet, tufted footstools really make me swoon.

 The milkiness of the wall color provides such a neutral and soothing background to the room.

Again with the milky wall. Or is this an Anthro catalog? Either way, I'm buying whatever they're selling.

The color of the chair is gorgeous. So rich and peacocky. I want to go curl up in it right now. And now that I think about it, I should'nt be so suprised that I'm on a green kick. Remember these shoes? Still love them. Green is good!


  1. Oh how I love your style. I love the little Domino kitchen. When I have a house again, can you please style it for me?

  2. Of course! You were my first client with the wallpaper. Although it was a bit of a fiasco... I'll help you decorate anytime!


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