Goodwill Hunting

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I never used to like thrift stores very much. I didn’t not like them, I just didn’t really think of them.  When I was young, however, I got one of my favorite dresses in the world from the Goodwill and wore it probably every day. I loved it. In the past few years I’ve rediscovered the thrift store and found many of my favorite items there. My couch, if you will remember, was purchased at the Goodwill. I go there on my lunch hour and just peruse the aisles, looking for little gems amid all the crap. And let me tell you what you already know, there is a ton of junk there. Today was one such occasion that I think I found a gem. Behold:

A peacock chair! I think you either love or hate these, and I happen to love it. A little wackadoo, but also fun and exciting. I think my house needs a little more fun and excitement. And if all else fails, it would look great in the backyard! Perhaps with a coat of paint?

{via Glamlamb}
Perfect! I love the saffron colored, round seat cushion. It adds such a warmth and livability to the chair. This is the direction I am imagining for my imaginary peacock chair. Which may or may not be finding a home with me. What to do? Let's discuss...

{via desire to inspire}
What's hiding out in the little ol' corner over there? A peacock chair, of course! Just providing a little California-casual-cool-funk to this room. Love it.

{via google images}
A normal person, doing normal things, looks so much more glamourous in a peacock chair. Wouldn't you agree?
Gorgeous. In my dream life, I would swan around all day (a bird reference! Get it?) in a gorgeous gown, having afternoon tea with my friends in my green-house, while sitting on a variety of pastel peacock chairs. Perfection.
{via Amber Interiors}
Super cute. That little elephant stool is helping.

In conclusion, peacock chairs are awesome! I may or may not have one in my future. We shall see...

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