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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For a little bit of cheer on this mundane afternoon, I present these pretty things for your consideration:

{via Rikshaw}

I am loving this skirt and stripe combination. I just bought a striped shirt over the weekend that I am in love with. I wore it two days in a row, which is rather unusual for me, but it is so soft and cozy and cute that I couldn’t resist. I kind of wish I was wearing it again right now… I think I’ll see if any of my floral skirts could make this look happen.

{via Pattern Observer}

Prada. The print on the skirt is gorgeous. I die. Literally. Okay, only figuratively, but it still is a great pattern. I wonder how Prada comes up with their textile designs? Now that I’m in school, every time I see a great design I wonder about the design process behind it. Who designed it? Was it painted, drawn, computer generated? What other color combinations did they try?  Was it designed specifically for that purpose or just as a fabric and then chosen to be on the final product? Mostly these go unanswered, but when I find a textile designer willing to share their secrets, I'm all ears! Some good sources for design information:

Freshly chopped
Trail of Inspiration
Kelly Wearstler
Pattern Observer
Pattern People

All the links can be found to the right...Anything I should add?

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