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Friday, September 2, 2011

Soo... The last few weeks have rushed by so quickly, I don't quite know what day it is. Oh yes, it's Friday, and Labor day weekend. Yay! How could I forget. I have been immersed in a world of textiles at my new job, but I love it. So much fun! However, this weekend, I will be repainting this hideous kitchen (mine):

BRIGHT yellow, with a faux finish. I'm not saying faux finishes are horrible across the board, but who faux finishes like this anymore? Anyway, the light fixture, the wall color- it's all wrong. I don't quite know what to do though. I can't even find a photo of what might be right. I'm thinking this light fixture though:
{Cost Plus}
As for the paint color (which will be the major improvement. This is a rental after all..), I'm not sure. There are light peaches, greens, whites, etc. It will happen and I will let you know. Here are some other inspiration photos that are just lovely...

I can't remember where each of these are from, but I love them all. Combined. Will be shooting for this as I work on the apartment this weekend. I'll be laboring for sure! Enjoy! 

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