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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lately, my tastes have been changing. In the past, I've mostly been drawn to white, white, white. Which a part of me always loves. When I see a Rachel Ashwell type interior- all white, airy, vintage china and painted antique armoires- I could happily move in today, and love it. At least a part of me could. The other part of me is drawn to color, boldness and pattern. I guess I am just design-bi-polar...

Kelly Wearstler, of course. That lamp and the wallpaper are perfection.

 Again, the wallpaper (killing it!) and the lamp. Wow. The purses in the bottom photo? Undecided. 

I love these chairs. Glossy black. I may have to make this happen in my own home. And notice the white walls. Maybe my Jekyll and Hyde styles can live happily together after all? 

Gypset-boho-romantic-luxe. Perhaps that can be my style moniker...

Bar cart? Black walls? Brass lamp? Yes, please. All of it is amazing. And oh, so inspiring. I need to step up my game. Lately, I've been to tired to do much of anything besides working and sleeping. Trying to get used to a new city and job. It's already been 3 months, but I am still trying to adjust.

On another note, I've been trying a new way of eating (hate to say diet)- PALEO. Crazy, I know. And, I can't do the whole thing, I still need some cheese and chips for salsa and guacamole. Oh, and wine. But that's healthy. Just trying to eat more healthy in general. That's all. Oh, and chocolate. I mean, if you can't eat chocolate, what is the point. Am I right??? 

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