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Thursday, December 29, 2011

{California Campers}
This year for new years, we have decided to take a boho-northern california adventure, in the form of VW camping along the california coast!!! Most people think we are crazy when I tell them this is what we are doing. Mostly I hear about how cold it will be (oh, the cold!!). I think it sounds like a fun and unexpected adventure, and I am ready to start the year off with a bang.  Or rather, a bit of a relaxing getaway...

 This is my fantastical version of what I would wear on our hippie camping trip- in my dreams. Ikat, caftans,  and jewelry, oh my! Jeans, sweaters, scarves and more scarves is probably what I will be wearing. And did I mention scarves? (The cold!)

{Stinson Beach}
2011 was certainly exciting and full, with a move to San Francisco and a new job. A job that I love by the way...  I'm hoping 2012 will full of fun and adventure as well in completely different ways. Not a new job, but hopefully more blogging, designing and maybe finishing school! That is a definite goal for 2012. Now to make that happen, I better get back to work before I get my boho-glam-VW-venture on! Happy New Year!! 

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